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Note from Jennifer:

My desire is for you to awaken and remember your true Divine nature.

My passion is to align you to the Truth of Who you are, adding value to your life with the purpose of impacting and empowering you through insightful spiritual advice.


​​Jennifer Norton is a professional Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Space Clearing Expert, Forgiveness Coach, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher whose work has focused on transforming lives for nearly 20 years by phone, Skype or in-person. With her skillful perception and training in various energy healing modalities and metaphysics, she takes a holistic approach and is adept at reading energy, identifying core issues, root cause of illness, and undesirable sub-conscious beliefs. 

​​Her background includes a BS in Biology, certifications in Chinese Energetic Medicine -Yuen Method, Theta Healing, Pranic Healing, Reiki Healing: Usui Reiki I, II & III, Feng Shui and extensive study in spirituality and application of A Course in Miracles.

As a Transformational Healer, Energy Expert, Spiritual Teacher and Highly Sensitive Empath,

I use my gifts of compassionate listening and keen intuitive skills to facilitate healing. Through my healing process with you, I read and sense energy and provide guidance, wisdom and energy healing to assist in your personal and spiritual transformation.

It is my greatest passion to assist in your awakening process, to help you in remembering the Truth of Who you Are.

The readings I offer are calibrated to the highest vibration possible.  Acting as your facilitator, I ask Creator/Source Energy and my guides to help you release whatever emotional, physical or spiritual blocks are preventing you from experiencing peace, unconditional love, and joy. As an empath, I then witness and feel the healing and changes take place within you instantly. With your willingness and Divine assistance, a miracle, or shift in perception can then occur. This is what I call transformational healing.

This process can significantly accelerate your path to awakening by removing the blocks to remembering the Truth of who you are and to assist in the perfect, swift, easy alignment of your relationship to Divine Love. It is more intensive than just reiki healing alone, but I do include reiki healing as part of the healing process.

This approach works best for those with an open mind and a willingness to accept/receive that which is already yours, which is to remember your wholeness.  All it takes to break free is your desire and willingness to release blocks and accept love.

That is the miracle of healing and my life's path. It gives me great joy to serve and to offer this work.

With Love,


To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.919-360-6200. 

Jennifer Norton