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​Jennifer Norton


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"I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer again, after receiving an email from her around Thanksgiving regarding the Alignment Sessions she was offering.  This immediately resonated with me, as I knew my mind, body and spirit were clearly out of alignment.  My appointment with Jennifer came at the perfect time, funny how the Universe works.  I was having a bad day at work and ended up having an Alignment Session with Jennifer in my car.  I remember thinking, this is exactly what I need right now. 
As she connected to my energy, she immediately tuned into what I was experiencing in that moment.  Jennifer has a gentle and non-judgmental way about her.  When you receive that type of energy, there is almost an immediate shift and transferring of that energy upon yourself.  It allows you to be gentle and non-judgmental with yourself.  This creates a safe, trusting environment which allows you to feel more open and vulnerable.  This is key in a healing session. 
Jennifer picked up on how my job was affecting me on a daily basis.  She recommended several affirmations.  I say them to this day. What's interesting is what happens when I say one of the affirmations, "I am here, I am here, I am here."  This helps connect me to my Divine Self, the Truth of Who I Am and Knowing that I Am Loved.  Once I say those words three times, it's as if I've clicked my ruby red shoes together and feel like, 'There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home.' After I say these words, I automatically take a deep breath and relax.  That is exactly what I did in my car during my Alignment Session.  A sense of peace and calm came over me.  It completely dissipated the high level of anxiety and stress I was feeling at the time. 
I am a social worker.  We are all in need of healing, especially when our work involves helping to heal others.  We can truly help heal others when we've done work on ourselves.   
I would highly recommend a session with Jennifer.  She is a sensitive, intuitive light being with many gifts to offer.   
Much love and gratitude," -Jill F, NY

When you did your reading for me in early January, I was looking for a deeper look into my suffering in that moment. What I received was so much more. 
Everything we talked about has come to pass, the themes you brought up (thinking small, connection to Source, building an altar to money/my career goals) are being echoed over and again in the past months.
I refer back to my notes from that session almost daily now as a reminder of the work we did. I am so grateful for your insights! I will reach out soon to schedule another session." -Carrie Canine, California

"I have worked with Jennifer for more than a year and she has really changed my life! She is a messenger of light and love and she only speaks the Truth. She helped me to heal my past wounds and to move forward in my life. She has helped me to see my Life’s purpose and my Soul’s agenda.

Thanks to her psychic healing, she helped me to see my blocks, where they came from, and through her forgiveness process, prayers and sounds, she did some chakra healing and cleared and opened my chakras.

I feel lighter and happier since working with her. I feel more serene and at peace with myself.
I think of her as my Guardian Angel. Every time I follow her advice, synchronicities appear in my life. It’s really magical!
Her main teaching comes from A Course in Miracles and her clairvoyant mind has helped me to trust in the divine plan for me.

She is a real peacemaker and healer. Jennifer will show you the path of spiritual peace.

Jennifer will help you to move forward in the world feeling more loving, more authentic and more aligned with God’s will.
Consider that you are very fortunate and blessed to have crossed her path." -Amandine Roche, San Francisco, CA

"I had two beautiful sessions with Jennifer. Before each session, we had a brief discussion of my history, but not much with respect to details. As the sessions progressed, she would bring forward certain issues or concerns that were deeply held within me that she could not have known had she not been divinely guided to help me with. Her intuitive processes were not only strong and accurate, they were also very gentle and reassuring. I have had challenges in the past with trust, but with Jennifer, I felt safe enough to allow my vulnerability to show so that she could assist me in clearing and healing what came forward.
In the following weeks after my sessions, I continue to feel very supported and more at ease within myself with regards to the emotions and thoughts that present themselves for me to work through. I have had previous sessions in the past with other healers, but her work has taken me to a different level of healing. I feel like I get a sweet hug from my divine guides every day! I am so grateful to have found her and I feel so blessed to have been touched by her gift. Thank you, Jennifer, for the beautiful Light that you are!"  -Monnique Reynes, California

“I feel sooo much better since you worked with me about getting my son into high school--and my stomach feels better. More importantly, I feel more peaceful!

Feeling so stressed out and upset about my son obviously affects the way I feel about every other area in my life. The fact that you calmed my stomach down and calmed my mind down sent 'peace' to the rest of my life. I feel happier now. I am actually at a point where I can help my other mother friends with their high school choices. I am the calm one now! Ha ha!
I feel so much calmer about the high school choice because of you and I feel so much more at ease with the rest of my life as a result of our last session. Thank you. Thank you!”   -Laurie Gregg, NY, NY

"Thanks so much for the forgiveness help you were so kindhearted to assist me with. What powerful stuff! I ran it over in my head all the way home (1.25 hrs.) and then again before bed and I woke up in the morning fresh and happy and so much lighter. I haven’t thought of [that person] much today but when I did it was with an entirely different perspective. You made a great difference in me! May I remain humble enough to retain the difference."  –Jonna Holston, Winston-Salem, NC

“I felt profoundly different, and much better than I've felt in a long time.

Before I began my latest work with Jennifer, I thought I was doing pretty well on my spiritual path. I was expecting to just get a 'tune-up.' Wow, was I surprised!

She identified things with her talent that I didn't even know needed healing, and the result was I felt profoundly different, and much better than I've felt in a long time.

It's always like that with Jennifer. I always feel incredibly different and better after just one session: anxiety I didn't even know I had disappears, and I feel a profound sense of relief, as well as much more space, light and love for myself and everyone else, too.

I have more patience with people and things in general, and I'm able to be more objective and choose how I want to respond instead of being hijacked by my emotions. I feel calm, centered, peaceful, and the best part is, it's coming from inside me, not from anything on the outside!

And it sticks! It integrates, I get used to it, then I'm ready for the next big internal change. Her work with me supports my own internal work, so my spiritual path is accelerated and I'm getting where I want to go much faster.

What I like most about working with Jennifer is she's so grounded. She's intelligent and practical. She isn't off in the clouds somewhere in "woo-woo" land. That fits me perfectly: I'm very spiritual, but practical and grounded also.

If you've been stuck on anything that you can't seem to move past, if you're ready for some accelerated growth and results in your life, then you can't go wrong with Jennifer. She's the one!"  -Kellie deRuyter CPC, PCC
Step-by-Step Marketing Coach for New Coaches,

"Working with you has produced amazing results in my life.  Just hours after our last session, in which we worked on my concerns about my future career, I was able to clearly see my true passion, how I could help others and create my own business out of it.  Within four days of this discovery, I inadvertently returned a call from a woman who had left me a simple message three weeks prior.  My jaw dropped as the woman explained that she had been praying for me to call her back because she wanted my help in the very area of my true passion.  Just like that, I had my first client.  Two weeks later, I got my second client.   
Thank you so much Jennifer for the work you do!!  Your compassion and clarity has made an extraordinary difference in my life.  May God bless you."  -Mildred DeJesus, Palos Verdes, CA

“I'm eternally grateful for Jennifer because her work has made my life better. Her work is so deep and profound--I've never experienced anything like it with other healers. It has not only helped me emotionally and spiritually, but her work has helped me physically. I once had severe tingling in my body that no chiropractor could fix. Jennifer healed this uncomfortable sensation in one phone session. It was a true miracle! I have gone to Jennifer for nearly seven years. She is the only healer who I've kept in my life because she always helps me to achieve tangible results. I highly recommend her!”  -Erin Grover, Los Angeles, CA

“My health was what prompted me to call Jennifer. She has a warm, loving and nurturing energy…it builds a trust and an ease which allows for truth and openness. I asked her about my stomach issues and she calmly scanned me, then told me it had something to do with the nerves in my neck – something was pressing on the nerves and wreaking havoc in my stomach. The answer was to go find a chiropractor and explain the nerve/stomach issue to him…it was almost too simple…I found a chiropractor the next day – and within minutes of the adjustment, the symptoms disappeared completely.

After conquering my health issues, I thought I would ask her about some business issues I was having. After an enlightening talk, she began to clear some energy that seemed to be blocking me and provided me with some insight in how to reinforce and keep the positive charge…what followed was startling…it was as if someone had lifted the curtain and let the light back in the room…I felt clearer and was suddenly receiving offers…it was as if the stalled career I had been struggling with had been re-ignited… not only was the energy cleared, but she provided me with tools to handle any returning negativity.

Making changes can be difficult, yet when working with Jennifer, she breathes such positive energy into the situation, clears any negativity and limiting beliefs, then provides you with affirmations that strengthen your new footing and gives you new direction – full of insight and wonder.”   -Darin Heames, Los Angeles, CA

“The effects of the work we did on my root chakra have continued to unfold and I've realized the depth to which our work together has helped set me up on this trip to Peru. All the inner work I've come here to do felt as if it couldn't truly start until I was properly landed, which is what our work together has allowed me to do. My bowels have completely cleared up and my sense of safety and trust in the process has deepened and become more embodied than I think it ever was even at home! I feel you've helped me set up the foundation from which the rest of my work can truly grow from. What a blessing!! Thank you so so much! I will definitely be contacting you again in the coming months when I get the message it's time to deepen the work. Love and Light to you.”  –K. Holmes, Cusco, Peru

"Wow...all I can say is Jennifer Norton has changed my life. Thank God that she came into my life. I came to her hopeless and within 5 visits I have experienced quantum breakthroughs in my personal growth and healing. I finally feel happy and at peace with the direction my life is headed. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you, Jennifer!"  -M. Commisso, Santa Monica, CA

"Hi Jennifer. The day after our session I don't know what you did but something shifted. My period came and not only that but my cramps are so much better. I'm feeling more myself now.Something massively shifted. I don't know what you did but you worked your magic and I'm feeling so much better. I want to thank you so much. Whatever you did it worked. I've been in pian for a couple of months and now I feel better. Thanks again for your wonderful work. You really helped me."   -M. Wolfson, NY, NY

"Oh my God, thank you so much for yesterday. I feel outstanding and excited. Thank you again. You are so appreciated, you don't even know how much!" - H. Marruzzi, Mar Vista, CA

"Thank you Jennifer... I feel great.  Just went to look at an apt and had no fear surrounding it at all."  -G. McArthur, Portland, OR

 "I loved our session together and felt really great afterwards.  I think you are incredible.  Not sure that I am making great choices for myself yet in the man department but I am having fun and feel a lot lighter about it all." -M. Davidson, Van Couver, B.C.