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Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles: What's it Really All About?

Forgiveness, when used correctly, is an opportunity for healing and joining. The lesson of A Course in Miracles aims at undoing our unconscious guilt and providing a way for our minds to become whole through the practice of forgiveness.

Spiritual Teacher and ACIM student, Jennifer Norton, explains more about the principles of forgiveness as set forth by A Course in Miracles and how to apply these principles using real life examples.

"You do not have to suffer to know God, but not to know God is to suffer."  -Jeshua through Jennifer

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Who could possibly imagine that the practice of forgiveness is good for the body and the soul?

The truth is, many studies support that in addition to reducing anger, hurt, depression and stress, forgiveness leads to greater feelings of peace, joy, compassion and empowerment. Applying forgiveness actually leads to healthy relationships and physical well-being! It also produces miracles on levels often beyond our understanding, in addition to opening our hearts to compassion, peace, and love.

What is quantum forgiveness?

Quantum forgiveness goes beyond ordinary forgiveness in that it recognizes that in spite of appearances to the contrary, our true nature is divinely innocent. We tend to confuse someone's ego personality and their actions with their identity but the truth is, our true identity is Spirit and is Divine. So when we practice quantum forgiveness, we join with Spirit to overlook someone's personality flaws or behavior, recognizing that what we see in another, is really a mirror or projection of our own subconscious but it has nothing to do with who we or they truly are.

Quantum forgiveness is also the recognition that no one is a victim.

"We can't be victims and Masters at the same time." -Paul Selig

All events that seem to happen to us, no matter how bad, have been chosen by us at some level of the mind, usually the unconscious level. As we take responsibility for all events that happen, either good or bad, we become free of blaming others and find freedom within.