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I help people recognize their issues, release their baggage and get on with experiencing a more joy filled, fun filled life!

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  • Enjoying healthy, harmonious relationships and greater well-being.

  • Being free of past hurts, anger, guilt and resentment.
  • Resolving difficult relationships and feelings of inner conflict.
  • Feeling more peaceful, joyful and free.
  • Experiencing greater satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Who could possibly imagine that the practice of forgiveness is good for the body and the soul? The truth is, many studies support that in addition to reducing anger, hurt, depression and stress, forgiveness leads to greater feelings of peace, joy, compassion and empowerment. Applying forgiveness actually leads to healthy relationships and physical well-being! It also produces miracles on levels often beyond our understanding, in addition to opening our hearts to compassion, peace, and love.

Find out for yourself how my gifts of intuition, keen listening skills and healing abilities can help you identify and release all the baggage that's been weighing you down and allow you to fully harness your authentic Self I am gifted with healing energy, the conscious presence of guides and angels, and with the ability to see, hear, know and feel what is in or out of vibrational alignment with your Being. If you are conflicted, confused, depressed, anxious, unhappy or in physical pain, then you are out of alignment with Divine Love and your Being. During an intuitive consultation, I can help you shift into a higher place of peace, clarity, health, joy, and love.
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  • Heal patterns related to fear, guilt, blame and shame
  • Resolve difficult relationships and feelings of inner conflict
  • Release un-forgiven regrets and resentments
  • Dissolve feelings of unworthiness
  • Heal false beliefs and align with Truth
  • Identify the hidden beliefs that block your success
  • Call back and integrate pieces of your soul
  • Release past life patterning
  • Connect with your Divine Guidance
  • Safely release and remove negative energies
  • Activate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing


Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles: What's it Really All About?

Forgiveness, when used correctly, is an opportunity for healing and joining. The lesson of A Course in Miracles aims at undoing our unconscious guilt and providing a way for our minds to become whole through the practice of forgiveness.

Forgiveness coach and ACIM student, Jennifer Norton, provides an opportunity to understand the principles of forgiveness as set forth by A Course in Miracles and to apply these principles using real life examples.

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