As a highly sensitive empath since birth, I could always feel what others felt and I thought that was completely normal until I became attuned to my healing gifts in the late 1990’s. I then recognized that my abilities to feel, hear, see and know things about others and places were unique, including hearing angels, guides and ascended masters speaking to me. It took me years to feel comfortable sharing these abilities with friends and family, let alone the world! 

It has been a difficult journey to find my authentic self and to detox all the painful emotions and inherited beliefs that accumulated in my chakras and psyche, but that is behind me now and I'm more at peace in my being. Managing my energy and sensitive nature has become easier with time. 

Other challenges I endured along the way were chronic illness and depression. It took me a long time to see that these too, were "gifts" which led me on a search for God and all things spiritual. It has been a 25 year journey, mainly of stripping away false beliefs, trapped emotions and old programming that was blocking my ability to receive love and to fully love and accept myself.


Now, as a professional Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Reiki Master and Spiritual Guide, I rely on my empathic gifts to read energy and the body remotely, to help identify thought patterns and emotions that are blocking you or keeping you stuck or ill. Once the imbalances or distortions in your physical body and the field around you have been identified, I utilize healing energy and the help of powerful angels and guides to clear and release these imbalances.


With my strong background in science and nutrition, I also share clear guidance and recommendations on how to heal naturally and move forward with your physical transformation.


My ideal clients are spiritually-minded individuals suffering from health challenges, mystery illnesses or low self-esteem who are looking to heal on all levels, connect to their inner truth and reclaim their power and health.

My passion is to align you to the Truth of Who You Are, adding value to your life with the purpose of impacting and empowering you through insightful spiritual advice.