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Blue Hummingbird

As seen on Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County and written about in Star Magazine!




"I have had the privilege of knowing Jennifer, professionally, for 15 years. She is a gifted healer who is knowledgeable, personable, relatable and highly intuitive. Her ability to pinpoint the issues, address them, and clear them one by one just amazes me. Bringing the subconscious to your conscious state of mind and giving you the power to heal profoundly. She is very consistent!


I am not one to just exchange energy with anyone, however, after 15 years, there is a sense of integrity Jennifer holds and I have come to realize it is just the transparency of her work, skills, consistency, and brilliance - the truth of who she is.   

Jennifer is tremendously nurturing while I am in session with her.  I feel she holds a sacred space for me to heal properly and dare I attest to it being instantaneously!   

I come out the other side feeling light, energized, and healed. And for this I am grateful.  Thank you Jennifer for answering your calling. You are A-mazing!

— Liz Saal,  CA

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