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Welcoming Winter Solstice 2019

Holiday Blessings!

Winter solstice and the holidays are here once again and I want to take this time to tell you how much it means to me that you're a part of my life. It is truly an honor for me to witness the beauty of your soul and assist you in making deep transformations.

Winter Solstice is a special time of year as it marks the passage of an energetic portal that opened on December 12th. During this time, waves of energy have been pouring in to amplify our consciousness and inspire us to grow and expand our spirit. Throughout this holy period, all the inner work you’ve done to navigate the darkness, heal emotional wounds and remember your Divine Self, will allow you to grow in consciousness and prepare you to integrate higher frequencies of light for further activation of your Christed Self, as we prepare to enter a new decade. 

What this means is that as we have spent the past decade shedding layers of ego density that obstructed us from knowing ourselves as part of Source Energy aka: God, the Universe, Divine Source, Love. We are now free to live from our hearts, as the loving beings we were created to be. 

In preparation for writing today's newsletter, I was guided to focus on lesson 282 from A Course in Miracles: I will not be afraid of Love today. 

As I reflected on the lesson and sat in meditation with it, I felt inspired to thank my Creator for creating me. I began to breathe in the love and the light that I am and breathed out anything unlike love within me. What followed was a wave of love that lifted me to a very high, expanded place.

Imagine, actually taking the time to thank the Universe for creating you! 

We are usually too busy lamenting our circumstances or asking why are we here, anyway? We forget that we were created by a loving Creator, who loves us dearly and only wants us to experience perfect happiness.

There are so many ways we deny ourselves love. Whenever we choose to listen to fear-based thoughts, judge others or project anger, we deny ourselves love. Perhaps we were taught this by our parents or the people around us or we experienced being denied love so we became accustomed to it and we learned to do that as well. The point is that this was learned behavior, not our true nature.

The whole idea of not being afraid of love today is really about undoing or unlearning and letting go of all the ways in which we have denied ourselves love by choosing unconsciously with the ego’s fear-based directives instead of our Divine Self’s loving guidance. 

The antidote is forgiveness. The miracle of forgiveness for ourselves and others is what erases the effects of our unconscious thoughts or actions. Now would be a great time for applying forgiveness, especially for yourself or those people that may have wronged you or taught you poorly.

If you are having trouble understanding true forgiveness, I highly recommend the following video by Eckhart Tolle. In it, he brilliantly explains what forgiveness truly is and how it happens. 

Other ways to embrace love, raise your vibration and attract more love in your life, include:

- Spend time appreciating something about the moment you are in and being grateful for all that you have. - Challenge yourself to extend love through unprompted acts of good will, along with offering blessings of light to the people you encounter throughout your day or those who are clearly calling out for love on social media or in the news. - Ask to see life through the eyes of Divine Love. Let the miracles of life be witnessed, even in day-to-day moments. Like through the smile of a child, a bird on the feeder, the color of the sky, etc.

Even though Winter Solstice is the darkest day of the year, do not be afraid of love today. This time is meant to be a celebration of the return of the sun because after Winter Solstice the days begin to lengthen. So light a candle to symbolically bring the light of your Soul into the dark night of Winter and never forget that you are deeply loved and supported by the Divine. 

Thank you for shining your light and being a part of my life. I look forward to celebrating a new year with you.

From my heart to yours, Jennifer

This year's Christmas tree and decorations!


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